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Stevan Gajich: 95% of Serbs are Friends of Russia

Stevan Gajich: 95% of Serbs are Friends of Russia


In his interview Stevan Gajich discusses the deep roots of Serbian-Russian friendship and current geopolitical situation.

Stevan Gajich grew up in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and remembers the US-NATO bombing. He spent his sophomore year in college at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire where he first learned about Frederick Douglass and Eugene V. Debs and this inspired him to write a book: "From Slave to Citizen." This was also the topic of his PhD dissertation. The English version is being prepared at the time of this show. Stevan speaks about Serbian - Russian deep, historical Slavic ties, and the current geopolitical war, which he calls a world war in Ukraine. On the one hand it is a civil war, but on the geopolitical landscape, it is a war for the future order of the world.

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