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Since the day Friends of Crimea Association was established, our activists have founded their own national clubs.
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The International Association of Friends of Crimea (IAFC) is a non-governmental organization aiming to foster amicable relations and collaboration with Crimea and other nations. Its primary objective is to foster comprehension, cultural interchange, and engagement with the people of Crimea, fostering robust connections between diverse communities. The IAFC facilitates dialogue and understanding between Crimea and other countries, bridging the gap between Crimea and the international community. It also promotes economic development in the region by encouraging trade and investment, generating employment opportunities, and enhancing the standard of living for Crimean residents. The IAFC also collaborates with civic organizations, diplomatic institutions, and international bodies to shape public opinion, promote cooperation, and seek sustainable solutions for the region's challenges. The IAFC serves as a platform for individuals, groups, and organizations to foster friendship and cooperation with Crimea, aiming to contribute to the promotion of peace, stability, and prosperity in the region.

We provide daily updates on the global political environment around Russia in our Telegram news aggregator feed at https://t.me/CrimeaVoice and the news on IAFC activities in this website page https://friendsofcrimea.com/

Since the day Friends of Crimea Association was established, our activists have founded their own national clubs of the friends of Crimea all over the world. They attract the supporters of the Russian Crimea, they distribute the true information about Crimea to their peoples, parties and governments.

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