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International Festival "Days of Greek Culture in Sevastopol" -- August 25-30, 2021

The Covid restrictions and the pandemic have had a significant impact on the educational process, especially for young people. Distance learning, lack of live communication brought their negative elements into the learning process. Therefore, events that could give a new impetus to the cognitive process are of particular importance in modern realities.

Notable of them is the initiative of the Regional Public Organization "The Chersonese" to hold the International Festival "Days of Greek Culture in Sevastopol" on August 25-30, 2021, which will be held at the site of the State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve "Chersonesos Taurica". The main goal of the event is to further promote public diplomacy through events in the field of culture, science and tourism. The organizers set a task – in the course of the Festival's events - the participants should have the opportunity to comprehend the history of their people, gain an insight into their national roots, make sense of their identity in the surrounding diverse world.


According to its plan, the Festival is not only a spectacular event, but also a scientific and educational one in the history and cultural heritage of Ancient Greece and Taurida. 34 experts of the Culture and Art of Greece are planned to participate: artists, writers, musicologists, art historians, musicians, archaeologists, doctors of the Athenian Academy of Ancient Greek Medicine.


The culture and religion of Russia has deep roots in Ancient Greece and Byzantium. It was in Ancient Greece that the idea of ​​the world on a global scale arose - about man, medicine, politics, art, literature. One of the main issues considered at the Festival will be to familiarize a wide audience with the philosophy of Antiquity - the organizers set the task of showing the continuity of eternal universal human values, linking them with the formation of accurate judgement on the events taking place in the modern world. That plan is that during scientific conferences, workshops, round tables employing comparative analysis the participants will learn how the archetypes of behavior described in ancient Greek mythology can teach a modern person to resist fear, intimidation, danger, difficulties, self-doubt, to distinguish Good from Evil.


The cultural program of the Festival will allow participants to get acquainted with Greek artists and their works, with the theater group "Simio Mizen" and the staging of Sophocles' tragedy "Antigone", to attend "Music of Ancient Greece and Modernity” show, meet with the participants and watch performance of the "Laodama" dance group from Corinth, to get acquainted with the Postulates of Hippocrates and ancient Greek Medicine.


Last year, the Covid restrictions resulted in an abbreviated format of the first Festival. This year, the organizers hope to fully implement the program.


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