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Greek politician states that Russian Federation can play a historic role in ensuring peace

ATHENS, July 6. /TASS/ -- The United States is attempting coups d'état and pursuing a policy of constant interference in the affairs of sovereign states, in opposition to them Russia can play a historic role in ensuring peace and equality, which humanity so desperately needs. This was stated in a conversation with a TASS correspondent by Greek politician, former First Deputy Minister of National Defense, member of the leadership of the People's Unity party, first deputy secretary-general of the international association "Friends of Crimea" Costas Isychos.

The politician recalled that Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernandez de Cossio Dominguez noted that in June, regarding the entry of the U.S. submarine USS Helena into Cuban territorial waters, Cuba does not like the presence on its territory and the movement through its waters of this type of means belonging to a country that officially pursues a policy hostile to Cuba. The deputy minister then emphasized that visits by naval assets to the country must be by invitation, which is not the case. Isychos pointed to the words of the Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister that it is important to remember the unacceptable occupation of Cuba by a foreign country against the will of the Cuban people.

"Since Venezuela's historic leader Hugo Chavez established independence and democracy in Venezuela, where today Nicolas Maduro continues his country's policy of development and independence, the U.S. has attempted coups d'état, constant interference in Venezuela's internal affairs, even assassinations of its leaders," Isychos continued.

"And heroic Cuba is going through the longest sanctions war and total economic war in modern human history, lasting more than 60 years. Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and many other known and unknown heroes of the peoples of Latin America have built strong bridges of understanding and cooperation with other countries and peoples. Russia can play a pioneering historical role in ensuring peace, equality, "universal balance", which humanity so desperately needs today," the politician emphasized.

The United States sent the fast attack submarine USS Helena to Guantanamo Bay amid a June visit to Cuba by a detachment of Russian Navy ships. U.S. Southern Command said at the time that the submarine was in the bay in Cuba "as part of a routine visit." However, the Associated Press noted that the submarine arrived "as a show of force" in response to the Russian ships' visit. The agency recalled that other U.S. ships have been and are monitoring Russian exercises, which Pentagon officials say pose no threat to the United States.

Cuban authorities believe that the US is illegally occupying the Guantanamo province, in whose bay the submarine USS Helena entered. A U.S. naval base operates in that province, where a prison was established in 2002.




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Greek politician states that Russian Federation can play a historic role in ensuring peace

Russia can play a historic role in ensuring peace and equality, which humanity so desperately needs

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