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The National President of the Union of Socialist Democrats, Mr. Crispin Kabasele Tshimanga Babanya Kabudi, in his capacity as Co-Founding Member of the Crimea-Africa Business Council, condemns, with the utmost energy, the attack perpetrated last Sunday, by Ukraine against the Russian city of Sebastopol located in Crimea.

He expressed himself as follows: “As a Member of the International Russophile Movement and Co-Founder of the Crimea-Africa Business Council, I must condemn the army's missile attack on the Russian city of Sevastopol. in Crimea. This despicable attack killed four people and left more than 100 injured. It is a barbaric act to be disapproved.” “I express all my compassion to the Russian authorities as well as to those responsible for the Russian Republic of Crimea,” he continues.

He adds: “It was American weapons that killed peaceful Russian citizens on one of the beaches of the city of Sevastopol. And according to information in my possession, these are ATACMS missiles which were fired with American authorization. There is no longer any doubt about the American commitment against Russia. The National President of the UDS therefore concluded: “I take this opportunity to offer my most sincere condolences to the Russian government and the families of the innocent victims.”


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