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War. Geopolitics, The Future of the Europe

War. Geopolitics, The Future of the Europe

Professor Maria Nikolakaki discusses Greek Turkish relations, Emergency Aid to Syria and Turkey, the war in Ukraine, the geopolitical events and the naked empire

  • Turkish people and Greek people have nothing to divide
  • All these tensions between two countries come to selling weapons. You can see that Greece has more tanks that the whole Europe. And Turkey has double of what Greece has. And it does not make any sense.
  • Syria is I dire condition because of sanctions. My colleague who is in Syria tells that they have energy only for two hours a day. All the other part of the day is blackout. And that is because Iran dismisses the sanctions and send some oil to Syria in order to function basic levels for hospitals.. and this is sending Syrian people back to the stone age.
  • The Americans burned all their wheat, so they do not have bread to eat.
  • Ans this is so cruel, it is implemented on civilization that goes thousand years back in history. Its very unhuman to treat Syrians like that.
  • Many countries send aid to Syria, so just not to look foolish, the United States removed sanctions for 180 days.

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