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Valdegamberi: “I am pro-Putinian? I don't accept labels, never done anything out of interest.”

Valdegamberi: “I am pro-Putinian? I don't accept labels, never done anything out of interest.”


“I am pro-Putin? I am anti-Zelensky? I do not accept labels and I remind those who attack me that I have never done anything out of interest, neither in politics nor in my private life. So now enough judgments, even infamous ones, just because I have the courage to denounce what really happens over there and because I don't bend to “politically correct “ unlike many colleagues”.

Valdegamberi, Russia and the League

Stefano Valdegamberi, Veronese councilor in the Region of the Mixed Group but elected in the Zaia list, at the center of controversy over his pro-Russia positions on the causes of the conflict in Ukraine, specifies that “with the League ( against Putin ed. ) there is no friction and that freedom of thought, if invoked by my detractors, must also be recognized to me. I am simply against a war that could be avoided with diplomacy but that the Ukrainians and all their supporters have mystified, from day one, as a war of defense and then bombed, as did their Donbass compatriots a few days ago. The horror that began on February 24 will last years”, he underlines, “if a third party like the Vatican does not intervene at this point with the mandate full of resolving it: at this rate not only the Russian or Ukrainian populations will lose out but, I am convinced, we are all at risk. When nobody wants to lose, only the diplomatic route remains, the great absentee of this tragedy.

The comment on the war

… Valdegamberi explains: “War could have been avoided with diplomacy, the great absentee in all this horror. The Minsk agreements have always been deliberately ignored by the Ukrainians who have repeatedly provoked asking to be part of NATO. I wonder: what is the meaning of the Ukrainian bombs on the markets, on the hospitals, on the schools of their Donbass compatriots? If you want to free them from the Russians, will you attack the Russian army, or not? Sending weapons without diplomatic action is useless, it only widens the conflict with the direct involvement of NATO and opens up to an atomic war. Why didn't anyone try serious negotiations? Why have we fueled hatred between Russians and Ukrainians for years by arming and financing battalions inspired by Nazism? And then the same celebrate the Memorial Days in Italy and in the West”

Camilla Ferro

Translated Excepts from the original post in L’Arena newspaper



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Valdegamberi: “I am pro-Putinian? I don't accept labels, never done anything out of interest.”

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