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The Truth About Russia Through the Eyes of An American

Regis Tremblay, Сhairman of the Friends of Crimea Club, USA, was interviewed on June 22 by the top Russian TV channel "Solovyov Live”.

(Direct link to video)

"Solovyov Live" is an authoritative socio-political channel of journalist and anchor Vladimir Solovyov, which covers news, analyzes important events, provides live broadcasts from the scene of incidents, provides exclusive comments from experts, and creates author programs in a 24-hour live stream.

Here is a shortened transcript of the interview.

The most wonderful thing about Russia – that Russia is clinging to its major human values and conservative values, as opposed to the USA and most of the Western world.

Possibility to convey truth about Russia to foreign audience. Voices like mine and others in alternative media are heard and they tell the truth. The problem is -- the vast majority of people in the USA and Europe have been brainwashed for many, many years. That’s why we see that fake news is rampant in the USA. I lost many friends, because I am telling the truth about Russia, and about the Russian people. But the 24/7 avalanche of lies in mainstream media about Russia, life in Russia, and the evil empire. But I am encouraged, because more and more people are waking up, they open their eyes and they do not believe the lies… Sanctions have already backfired on the USA. People earlier blamed it on Putin, but now they understand that Joe Biden and his government are to blame for the rise in gas prices, food prices, and inflation. I understand that the truth is emerging, but it does not happen that fast.

Odessa Massacre. On My 2nd, 2016, I was invited to Odessa for the anniversary of that terrible massacre. (Regis shares his experience of staying in Odessa, interaction with mothers of the survivors of the 2014 massacre).

Role of the USA in the Ukraine conflict. Regis stressed that the role of the USA in Ukraine started before the Maidan events. There were special forces training the Ukrainian military. And I am sure they were training the Nazis and Aidar battalion. It was under the presidency of Barack Obama that Joe Biden was the one running the whole show in the Ukraine. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, and the infamous Victoria Nuland who was working with Geoffrey Pyatt, Ambassador. And since then, the United States has shown its support in the persons of visiting Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Tony Blinken several times, as well as American generals to the Ukraine. And the United States is providing aerial and space intelligence to the Ukrainians so they are able to kill Russians. The United States has been conducting hybrid and psychological war all these years, most recently using Lithuania to deny transport of goods to Kaliningrad. The United States is using NATO in its efforts to #1 - destabilize Russia, to overextend Russia that will lead to regime change – President Putin has to go. These are the facts that I have gathered and I have witnessed and they are confirmed by many, many people here.

On Mikhail Gorbachev. I met with him in Moscow and filmed a 2 hour meeting with a group of American citizen diplomats. I was impressed. Regardless of how he is thought of now in Russia, he is an important figure in history for what he did in terms of nuclear disarmament. But Glasnost and Perestroika brought about many changes and the Russian people lost many things that they had during the USSR… These are the things that Vladimir Putin is now trying to preserve. In the United States they say that he wants to restore the Soviet Union and the ideology of Communism.. I think it is not true…

Regis discussed the movies industry in Russia and compared it with the United States. As an example, he cited the case with his Ghosts of Jeju movie that was rejected in the US. In the USA, if you do not support the official narrative, you will be ignored. There is no freedom of expression. It is especially visible now, when Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms do not allow any content that counters the official narrative.

Regis also noted that TV and movies for children in the United Stated show mostly violence and promote values different from the ones that were traditional. And more dangerous is the formal education process in schools. As an example, the big controversy in the United States is the information on gender change, drag queens, gay rights in the elementary schools. This leads to a destruction of traditional values. And I appreciate that in Russia it is different., that the Russian Federation is fighting against this. And it is being successful now.

On his life in Russia for 2 years, Regis noted that he is constantly embarrassed at how deficient my education was as compared to many people that I met in Russia. Russians know a lot more about American literature, music, films, history – than most Americans know. I am so happy that I have been exposed to all the things that I have learned about Russia, the history, culture, values and the people.

And I want to end with this. I think that this conflict that is taking place on the territory of the Ukraine, is a direct war, an epic battle between the forces of evil in the West and Russia. And the vision of the future that Russia of a multipolar world, where every nation is considered equal, independent, and free. And I really do believe that Russia is involved in a battle for our humanity, and this is a global battle for humanity that we are seeing taking place right now, and being escalated on the territory of Ukraine.


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