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The Prigozhin Affair, Erdogan Returns 8 Nazis to Ukraine, US Escalation - Cluster Bombs

The Prigozhin Affair, Erdogan Returns 8 Nazis to Ukraine, US Escalation - Cluster Bombs


Costas Isichos from Greece, and Hendrik Weber from Norway talk to Regis Tremblay.

The hosts discuss the Prigozhin affair, speculating on the motives behind it and pointing out the involvement of Western secret services. They also talk about the use of mercenary armies and the need for more information regarding Prigozhin's connection to Western powers. They mention the support for President Putin in Russia, particularly among young people who view the West as a threat. The speakers also highlight the unity of the Russian people and frustration with Western media's loss of credibility. They discuss the information war between Russia and the West, with the US being more adept at controlling narratives. The negative effects of fast food media and the importance of critical thinking are discussed. The release of Nazis by Erdogan and the upcoming negotiations between Turkey and Russia are also mentioned. The speakers emphasize the complex dynamics between Turkey, Russia, and NATO but believe that their interdependence will prevent a significant impact on diplomatic ties. They highlight Turkey's growing influence and involvement in global affairs. The intensifying conflict in Ukraine and the US's role in it, including the approval of cluster bombs, are criticized. The speaker suggests that the war will continue as long as the US wants it to.

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