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Regis Trambley: US NATO War Games Targeting Russia Along Its Borders

Regis Trambley, Chairman of the Friends of Crimea USA Club explores the annual war games conducted by the United States and NATO along Russia's borders:

  • The narrator argues that NATO should have disbanded after the fall of the Soviet Union, but instead, it has become an aggressive war-mongering coalition. The video highlights the expansion of NATO eastward and the placement of nuclear missiles and capable bombers near Russia.
  • The narrator questions the double standard of how the United States would react if Russia or China conducted war games near its borders. The video provides examples of recent war games in the Black Sea region and emphasizes the need for the United States and NATO to prioritize engagement and bolster their military presence in the area. The narrator concludes that these provocative actions pose a security threat and bring the world closer to catastrophe.
  • These exercises involve tens of thousands of troops, warplanes, and vehicles from multiple NATO countries. While NATO claims that these exercises are aimed at boosting preparedness and defending against potential threats, they have been viewed by Russia as provocative actions. The timing of these exercises, coinciding with Russia's actions in Ukraine, amplifies tensions between NATO and Russia. These war games and exercises serve as a display of NATO's strength and unity, but also increase the risk of escalating tensions in Europe.
  • The focus of discussion is on the comparison between Russia and the United States when it comes to wars and acts of aggression. It is highlighted that while Russia conducts its own military exercises within its borders, it is often seen as aggressive. On the other hand, the United States and NATO engage in war games targeting countries like Russia's neighbors, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.
  • Since 1945, the United States has initiated 201 armed conflicts in 153 regions of the world, while Russia, since Putin became president in 2000, has had fewer wars, including the Chechen War and the Russian-Georgian war, which were fought to protect separatist regions loyal to Russia.
  • The US and NATO's military power is used to maintain Western hegemony and political pressure on states that pose no military threat to the alliance.
  • The speaker discusses Russia's involvement in Syria and Ukraine, emphasizing that Russia entered Syria at the invitation of Bashar al-Assad to defend the government while the United States and Turkey invaded without invitation.
  • Russia was provoked into self-defense in Ukraine to prevent NATO from taking over and becoming a threat to Russia's security.
  • The speaker also highlights the enormous defense spending of the United States, which exceeds the combined spending of the next 10 countries, including the fact that NASA and various national security agencies are part of this budget. They contrast this with Russia's comparatively smaller defense budget.
  • The speaker asserts that the United States, not Russia, is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, referring to a quote by Martin Luther King.

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