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Glenn Diesen: Economic Forum - Russia Africa Forum - US-Saudi Peace Conference

Glenn Diesen: Economic Forum - Russia Africa Forum - US-Saudi Peace Conference


Glenn Diesen is a professor in political economy and sociology at the University of South-Eastern Norway and an editor at the Russia in Global Affairs journal.

Glenn Diesen discusses the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum as a platform for attracting foreign investors and establishing economic cooperation. Initially aimed at integrating Russia with the West, the forum now focuses on diversifying away from the West and integrating with the Greater Eurasian Partnership. Diesen highlights Russia's efforts to decouple from the West by developing new technological partnerships, securing reliable transportation corridors, and opening up the Arctic.

He also discusses the Russia-Africa Forum and its significance in showcasing that Russia is not isolated in the world. Diesen argues that Russia and China's approach in Africa differs from the historical colonization by other Western countries, as they seek win-win partnerships rather than imperialist domination. He also mentions the importance of embracing civilizational distinctiveness and sovereign equality in international relations. Finally, he criticizes the lack of arms control agreements and the failure of the recent Saudi peace conference to include major players like Russia, noting the need for negotiations and dialogue to prevent further conflict.

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