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Crimea's Ancient Greek History Lives On Today. Educational Tour by Regis Tremblay

This short video traces the ancient history of Crimea to the present day where the Greek influence and presence are still felt. The Greeks are not the only ones who came to Crimea, but the other empires will be covered in another video.


  • The video discusses the ancient Greek history of Crimea, starting from when Greek city-states established colonies along the Black Sea coast in the 5th, 6th, and 7th centuries BC. These colonies were responsible for introducing wine cultivation, constructing buildings and cities, and engaging in fishing.
  • Numerous artifacts have been excavated from the area, particularly near the city of Kerch. Today, Kerch is an archaeological park and a popular tourist destination.
  • The video also mentions the presence of a Greek community that still exists in Crimea, with about 3,000 people. Festivals and events are held annually to celebrate the ancient heritage of the region, including ancient Greek games, music, dancing, and songs.
  • Members of the Greek community in Crimea gather annually to celebrate the Feast of Saint Helena and Constantine. The celebration starts with a Liturgy in a small church that was founded in 1813 and reconstructed in the late 1990s. It concludes with a procession around the church and includes Greek dancers and music.


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