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Alexander Mercouris - The Biden Crime Family - Senility - Is Putin Weak or Wise

Alexander Mercouris - The Biden Crime Family - Senility - Is Putin Weak or Wise


Alexander Mercouris, aka Alex Mercouris, is a London-based Lawyer, Writer, YouTuber, & co-host of the popular online news channel “The Duran.”


A summary of this interview with Regis Tremblay:


ü highlights the criminal activity of Joe Biden, specifically regarding his involvement in pressuring then-President Poroshenko of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden's activities in Burisma.

ü discusses the long-standing issues surrounding the Biden family's activities in Ukraine and the lack of concern shown by people in the United States. Despite evidence piling up about Joe Biden's actions and Hunter Biden's involvement, the issue was largely ignored.

ü discusses the concerning actions of the FBI and the Justice Department regarding the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden.

ü highlights the misinformation spread by a group of former intelligence officers who implied that the laptop disclosure was a Russian disinformation campaign, which we now know was factually incorrect and potentially circulated at the instigation of people close to the Biden campaign.

ü expresses his concern about the ingrained russophobia in American political life and how it is negatively affecting the country.

ü Russophobia has damaged the United States' political system, referring to the Russia gate and the laptop scandal involving Hunter Biden.

ü possibility of impeaching Joe Biden based on his cognitive and physical decline. While not being a doctor, the speaker believes that Biden's evident deterioration makes him unfit to fulfill his duties as president.

ü discusses the rumors and assumptions surrounding the alleged kickbacks in Ukraine involving Joe Biden, Victoria Newland, Jeffrey Pyatt, and others. While Mercouris doesn't make specific allegations, he acknowledges the widespread belief that Ukraine has acted as a money laundering system, with billions of dollars going in and out, and a significant amount ending up in Washington.

ü goes on to emphasize Biden's influential role in Ukraine, suggesting that he was a de facto ruler during Obama's presidency and even chaired cabinet meetings.

ü Additionally, he mentions the involvement of Hunter Biden, Evan Archer, and other highly connected US politicians in securing lucrative positions and receiving large payments in Ukraine.

ü explains that the United States is able to sustain its financial aid and military support to Ukraine because it has the global reserve currency, the US dollar. This means that the US can create money without risking hyperinflation since international trade is largely conducted in dollars.

ü discusses the potential threat to the United States dollar and US hegemony posed by the development of an international currency by the BRICS nations. This development could have significant implications for the American system and its ability to exert influence, particularly in relation to countries like Russia and China.

ü discusses the need for countries to create their own global financial system separate from the US dollar in order to trade freely with each other.

ü talks about the concept of soft power, where tools like the Peace Corps, USAID, and NGOs are used to influence and win the hearts and minds of people in other countries.

ü recent developments in Armenia, where the country is abandoning its friendly relationship with Russia to align with NATO. Mercouris sees this as a dangerous escalation and a potential distraction for Russia away from Ukraine. He explains how the US started recalibrating its foreign policy in the 1980s, using NGOs as a vehicle for its agenda, including the promotion of color revolutions.

ü discusses the role of NGOs in carrying out "color revolutions" in certain countries, replacing governments that are seen as unfriendly to the United States with those that are friendly. He highlights the cases of Georgia and Armenia, where NGOs have established themselves and influenced the political landscape.

ü discusses the perception of Putin's response to escalations from the United States. Mercouris argues that Putin and those around him are demonstrating wisdom rather than weakness in their patience and resilience. They understand the unpredictable nature of dealing with the US and are trying to calibrate their responses to defend and promote Russian security and interests without risking a nuclear escalation. However, some individuals in the US interpret Putin's actions as a bluff, which may lead them to further escalate tensions.

ü discusses Russia's strategy in the conflict with Ukraine and the Western failure to understand Russia's strength. He compares it to the boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, where Ali used the rope-a-dope tactic to wear down his opponent and eventually win.

ü suggests that Russia has been adapting to the changes in the conflict and has actually gained territory while depleting the Ukrainian military. He argues that the West's attempts to weaken Russia have backfired, as Russia has shown its industrial and technological power, as well as its ability to maintain and cultivate important alliances globally. The success of Russia's approach is also evident in the growing interest from other countries, such as those wanting to join the BRICS, who see the value and success of Russia's actions. Meanwhile, the US continues to supply Ukraine with weapons and equipment, which are being destroyed by Russia.


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