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4th of July, International Day of Independence from the USA

4th of July, International Day of Independence from the USA

The Center for Geostrategic Studies, on the initiative of our colleague from Austria Patrick Popel, is preparing to celebrate the First International Day of Independence from the influence of the United States of America. The purpose of this event is to draw the attention of the world public to the negative consequences of American hegemony and to promote the consolidation of forces interested in leaving the American sector and strengthening the sovereignty of their countries. The trademark of this event is a sign from West Germany: You are leaving the American sector.

The action is scheduled for July 4 this year as part of the international project "International Day of Independence from the USA". Different types of public events are planned for this day, from round tables and thematic publications to flash mob actions and activities on social networks. Participants from Europe, Latin America, Africa, Russia, China and other countries confirmed their participation in the celebration of this event.



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