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Since the day Friends of Crimea Association was established, our activists have founded their own national clubs.
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Essential Documents of Association

RESOLUTION Of the VIth International Conference "Crimea in the Present International Environment"

We call on the peoples, parliaments, governments and public organizations of various states of...

Unver Sel: Turkey's Participation in Crimean Platform Meetings Will Put Crimean Tatars in a Hard Situation!

By participating in these meetings, Turkey is put in a position to deny its own regional theses,...

Crimea Platform: Joint Appeal of 16 Leading Russian Political Experts

We appeal to our foreign colleagues, to all those who have the right and opportunity to influence...

Statement by the Coordinating Board of International Association of Friends of Crimea on Crimea Platform

In essence, NATO members and other states are trying to create tension in the form of an...

An open letter from the Greek Club of Friends of Crimea to the President of the Hellenic Republic with an appeal not to participate in the summit of the "Crimean Platform"

The Greek Club of Friends of Crimea has sent an open letter to President of the Hellenic Republic...

Statement of the International Friends of Crimea Association (24 June 2021)

Association calls on people in the region and the world, within the context of public diplomacy,...

Main Avenues of Crimea's Development within the Russian Federation

Despite the challenging legacy of the period when Crimea was a part of Ukraine that led to the...

Statement by the Hellenic Club Friends of Crimea ( 22.4.21)

The "Hellenic Club of Friends of Crimea" made the most serious complaint, according to which the...

Main Avenues of Crimea's Development within Russia - Республика Крым

Various normative legal documents are under development in order to the best practices on...


Crimea News

Congratulations to the members of the Coordinating Board of International Association "Friends of Crimea" on being awarded with the Gasprinsky Medal state award of the Republic of Crimea

Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov handed in the Medal of Gasprinsky to...

Стефано Валдегамбери: Ответ на призыв европейских парламентариев против России

Я лично знаю Крым и его жителей. Никто никогда не жаловался на возвращение в РФ. Если люди и жалуются, то на Европу,...

Germans are filming a TV series about #Crimea and Sevastopol

Crimea through the eyes of Germans: a new series is being filmed on the peninsula

Greece Is Concerned About Expansion of U.S. Military Presence in the Country

This dramatically limits Greece's ability to be a player in the Eastern Mediterranean region, a player that can play...

Crimea Platform: Statement of Stefano VALDEGAMBERI, Member of Coordinating Board of the International Friends of Crimea Association

"I am thrilled by the statements of the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Benedetto della Vedova, at the...

In today's dynamic and turbulent era, there is no room for political infantilism in relations with Russia!

Do we not make another mistake that could worsen the not so good Bulgarian-Russian relations in recent years for the...