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Since the day Friends of Crimea Association was established, our activists have founded their own national clubs.
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Valdegamberi to La Verità: enough with the anti-Russian policy and sanctions. A good relationship with Russia is in our interest

In an interview with La Verità published yesterday, expresses clear political evaluations on the relations between...

Greece explained why it is important to support Russian proposals on NATO

Russia 's proposals for mutual security guarantees in Europe with NATO are very important for peace in Europe, but...

Ünver Sel: “A special representative should be appointed to Crimea before Armenia.”

Turkey should appoint a mutual special representative with Crimea before Armenia; ships and planes should start again.

Ján Čarnogurský: Unqualified Communication of the Slovak Prime Minister

Heger's communication was more submissive to Biden than the European average. Heger supported Ukraine's territorial...

International Association of Friends of Crimea Expands Its Activities Worldwide

Combined capabilities of our Club will be powerful and effective in educating others, not just Americans, about...

Congratulations to the members of the Coordinating Board of International Association "Friends of Crimea" on being awarded with the Gasprinsky Medal state award of the Republic of Crimea

Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov handed in the Medal of Gasprinsky to...