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Members of the Coordinating Board Discuss the International Association of Friends of Crimea - Friends of Russia: Mission, goals, activities

Key Insights
- The International Association of Friends of Crimea aims to promote friendship, collaboration, and peace between countries and Crimea, fostering cultural, political, and social ties. It serves as a platform for public diplomacy and people’s diplomacy. The association has chapters in over 43 countries, with members working towards common goals.
- The association plays a crucial role in overcoming the biased narratives and negative portrayal of Crimea in Western media. By facilitating visits and interactions between people from different countries and Crimea, it helps provide a more balanced perspective and fosters understanding and solidarity.
Crimea’s reunification with Russia through a democratic process in 2014 has been a significant milestone. The association recognizes and supports the aspirations of the Crimean people, who voted overwhelmingly to join Russia. It highlights the positive developments in Crimea since then, including economic growth, infrastructure development, and the preservation of minority rights.
- Members of the association in countries unfriendly to Russia often face challenges and opposition. They work to counter the prevailing anti-Russia sentiment and promote dialogue and cooperation. The association serves as a platform to support and amplify their voices, striving for a more nuanced and objective understanding of Crimea’s situation.
- The association’s mission goes beyond Crimea and Russia, aiming to build bridges of collaboration and friendship between countries worldwide. By fostering cultural exchanges, political dialogue, and economic cooperation, it contributes to a more interconnected and peaceful world. The association’s work aligns with the principles of public diplomacy, emphasizing people-to-people connections and mutual understanding.
- The association recognizes the historical and cultural significance of Crimea, particularly for Greece, with its ancient Greek colonies and a flourishing Greek minority. It emphasizes the importance of preserving and promoting the diverse cultural heritage of Crimea, allowing minorities to express their identities and enjoy their rights.
- The association’s commitment to international cooperation and the well-being of Crimea reflects the broader aspirations for a more peaceful and prosperous world. It stands as a testament to the power of friendship, dialogue, and understanding in overcoming challenges and building a better future.

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Members of the Coordinating Board Discuss the International Association of Friends of Crimea - Friends of Russia: Mission, goals, activities

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