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Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry discussed cooperation between Austrian and Russian business

Patrick Poppel: We want to do business in Russia
Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry discussed cooperation between Austrian and Russian business
Chairman of the Club of Friends of Crimea in Austria Patrick Poppel met with representatives of the government of the Kaliningrad region and Kaliningrad business. They discussed questions of cooperation and possibilities for investments into the economy of the region. Austrian furniture makers, producers of equipment for food production and medical equipment, and German IT-companies expressed their interest in the region.
Vice-President of the Union "Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry" M.N. Fitzak told about the Chamber and the issues which the local business had to solve today, and also briefly described the advantages of the Kaliningrad SEZ and opportunities of the territory, first of all human resources. "Our Chamber is among ten biggest chambers of commerce and industry in Russia, - said Marina Nikolaevna. - We are actively working, expanding the range of services, focusing on the needs of our entrepreneurs.
Patrick Poppel emphasized that in spite of the complicated political situation European business would like to cooperate and voiced his intention to organize a big business mission to the Kaliningrad region in autumn.
"We are ready to select representatives of core business, so that meetings could be as effective as possible," promised Marina Nikolaevna.
Difficulties with mutual settlements, delivery of cargo and others were also discussed.
In the event A.V. Ryabchenko, the Third Secretary of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Kaliningrad, A.I. Ivanov, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Industry and Trade of the Kaliningrad region, E.V. Lebedeva, the Head of European Programs and External Economic Relations Department of the Agency for International and Interregional Relations of the Kaliningrad region, E.V. Perunov, the President of Association of Kaliningrad Furniture Makers, O.A. Teslenko, the Head of the Regional Hospitality Industry Association. A. Teslenko.


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