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Friends of Crimea, Greek Club - Press Release

Friends of Crimea, Greek Club - Press Release

A few days ago, a highly intimidating, threatening letter in English was sent to the distinguished lawyer and member of the Coordinating Committee of the “Greek Club Friends of Crimea “, Yiannis Rahiotis.

Points of the letter calling every Greek citizen a "Moscow agent" who opposes sanctions, Greece's dangerous NATO involvement by sending massive armaments to the Kiev regime is pointed out.

This particular “anonymous” letter (allegedly signed by an organization calling itself "Harbingers of Freedom") has its roots (as found on the Internet) in extreme nationalist circles of the Kiev regime with the support of an alleged "NGO" and the material aid and "support" of Euro-Atlantic circles and beyond.

Giannis Rahiotis, through his trade union and socio-political activity both in Greek, European and international forums, has condemned the persecution of the Greek minority in Ukraine by the neo-Nazi battalions of Kiev, as well as the legislative linguistic, educational and social discrimination against the minorities in Ukraine, including citizens of Greek origin. He has also worked along with the Greek Club Friends of Crimea to enhanced multiple ways to allow professors , students and ordinary people from Russia , Crimea to visit Greece despite sanctions from the west . Giannis Rachiotis is doing the obvious actions of any rational democratic Greek citizen.

The Greek club friends of Crimea expresses its undivided solidarity with G. Rachiotis and holds the Greek authorities and the Greek government responsible for protecting him and the constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties and the social and political action of all Greek citizens, social and political bodies in Greece that fight for Peace, for the NATO and Euro-Atlantic liberation of Greece, for progressive developments that will support our people who receive continuous repeated blows to their standard of living, and endanger of our freedoms.

Greek Club Friends of Crimea


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