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Discover Crimea Post Sanctions Tour

The Discover Crimea Post Sanctions Tour (August 26 to September 30, 2022)


The program included the following visits:

  • Saki CHPP in Saki where they make gas turbines that will replace Siemens and GE.
  • SVYATECO - manufacturer of lithium batteries for electric golf carts which they also build. The company is also building a prototype of an electric automobile entirely built in-house.
  • SELMA, a 76 year old company manufacturing welding equipment. This state-of-the-art machine shop was the largest in the former USSR. It has been receiving subsidies from the Russian Government to purchase state-of-the-art machinery. Everything used in the plant is all domestically manufactured.
  • Yarosvit-AGRO a 15-year-old company in Gvardejskoye that grows apples, peaches, and prunes with a state-of-the-art irrigation system using their own artificial lake.
  • Vilino - Alma Valley winery. The vineyards were planted in 2008 and the first bottles of wine came to the market in 2015. Alma Valley’s vineyards cover 406 hectares. Alma Vitis, a nursery neighboring the winery where they grow young vines occupying four hectares, but enough to cover 100 hectares of future vineyards.
  • S mirom za SYROM (With peace for cheese) cheese factory. Tasted a variety of cheeses such as Golden Crimea, Gorgonzola, Sambala, and Ricotta.
  • Belbec Country Fair in Sokolinoye in the Backhchisarai District where artists, artisans, painters and musicians sold their creations.
  • Drunk Oyster farm and restaurant in Simeiz on the Black Sea. Sergey Kulik created his first oyster farm in Katsiveli in early 2005. He gave a presentation of the process of raising oysters in the open sea to the preparation of meals for his customers.

Originally Crimea was learning from Russia how to live in the new reality under sanctions, but now, Russia is learning from Crimea how to overcome sanctions and become successful.

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