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Ján Čarnogurský: Let us not get involved in the international conflict

We know the beginning well. President Viktor Yanukovych ruled in Ukraine. Ukraine has negotiated with the European Union on a certain type of economic association. President Yanukovych's advisers drew attention to the economic risks of the proposed association, and the president refused to sign the agreement until the risks were eliminated. Maidan erupted in Kiev.

The statutory government fell in February 2014 with the assistance of Western governments. In Ukraine, shots were fired anywhere. In Kiev, unknown shooters (now appearing on television) shot hundreds of people, and in Odessa, they killed fifty people in various ways. They did not even prosecute the perpetrators. One maid had to be shot by his own because he couldn't fit in his skin. The chocolate oligarch became the president, promising to sell his businesses. He hasn't sold them to this day. He was followed in office by a successful comedian. About a third of Ukrainians use Russian at home, but among the first laws, the post-Maidan parliament passed a law significantly restricting Russian. Subsequently, the Crimean Autonomous Parliament announced a decision to hold a referendum on the secession of Crimea from Ukraine and accession to the Russian Federation as a federal republic. This is the situation so far. Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in the world. It also surpasses some African states.

The first German chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, declared at the end of the 19th century that Russia could be defeated when Ukraine began to fight against it. The Collective West, to which Slovakia now belongs, returned to Bismarck's words. Trains with heavy weapons have been moving eastwards on the Slovak railways for at least two years. After taking office as the new American president, the gunfire around the Russian border intensified. Recently, Russian planes had to drop bombs around an English military ship in the Black Sea when it aimed at Russian territorial waters near Crimea. So far around the ship. Anglo-Saxon warships in particular are still roaming the Crimea. Well, in the last century, the sun did not set over the British Empire. Today, London is getting closer to being the capital of Great Britain, but of Little England. Russia blames it.

During the reign of Mikhail Gorbachev, Marshal Sergei Akhromeyev was Chief of Staff of the Soviet Army. He commissioned a study on the results of a nuclear war. The answer was that they would lead to the demise of white civilization. Since then, the destructive power of weapons and the speed of their carriers have multiplied. Whoever plays with the possibility of a nuclear war overcomes the Nazis.

Why am I writing this? The Ukrainian government wants to come up with an initiative called the Crimean Platform. It is to be a long-term initiative with the ultimate goal of returning Crimea to Ukraine. Ukraine will invite all states that are willing to participate. The platform will cover innocent activities, such as cultural to diplomatic and military. Whoever enters the platform, let it not be said that it was an innocent association that does not threaten anyone. He does not even think and will be involved in war maneuvers against the territory of the Russian Federation, Crimea. The international position of Crimea is accustomed to being compared to that of Kosovo. Slovakia defends itself by not recognizing the integration of Crimea into the Russian Federation because it has not even recognized the secession of Kosovo from Serbia. If Serbia came out with the Kosovo Platform, would Slovakia be allowed to participate?

The Crimean problem has its roots in the illegality of Maidan. Crimea is the base of the Russian naval fleet. Not one American general said that the base in Crimea should have Americans, not Russians. Slovakia must not allow itself to be pushed into this explosive problem. Slovakia must not join the Crimean platform.


JUDr. Ján Čarnogurský, chairman of the Slovak-Russian society

Lawyer, long-term dissident, founder and first chairman of KDH, former Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic

(Translated from Slovak)



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